Treatment loops applicable to C&D Waste for their separation (CTP-Inisma-Neo Eco Recycling):
Documents to download:

Crushing tests on concrete pads (CTP - ULiege/GeMMe - IMT Lille Douai)

Densimetric Separation Tests of bricks and concrete

HISER Conference 2017 - Présentation (Dr H. Brequel)

HISER Conference 2017 - Article "Comparative case study of the construction and demolition waste practical treatment induced by different legislations in France and Belgium (Wallonia and Flanders)" - Dr Hervé Brequel; Benoît Mignon

Identification of recovery methods for material flows generated (IMT Lille Douai and ULiege):

3 co-supervised theses between IMT Lille Douai and ULiege (GeMMe Department) are in progress. The first one deals with "the study of the formulation and properties of self-compacting concretes based on recycling fines", the second one is entitled "Gypsum residues in recycled materials: chemistry and effects on microstructural and mechanical properties of cementitious mortars" and the third one does concern the "Valorisation of recycling fines for silicate materials (bricks, tiles): development of hydraulic binders".

Documents to download:

Design and properties of self compacting concrete based on recycled fine particles - Poster 1

Gypsum residues in recycled materials - Poster 2

HISER Conference 2017 - Article "Properties of concrete blocks made with recycled concrete aggregates: from blocks wastes to new blocks - Zengfeng Zhao; Luc Courard; Frédéric Michel, Sébastien Remond; Denis Damidot

(RF)²B - Use of recycled concrete in the formulation of self-compacting concrete

(RF)²B - Plaster residues in recycling fines

Life cycle analysis (ULiege and Cd2e):

Evaluation of the environmental, economic and societal impacts associated with the processes and treatments developed from the demolition waste to the final product.

Documents to download:

Life Cycle Analysis Presentation (LCM 2017)

Poster LCM 2017

LCM of construction waste towards circular economy of buildings: VALDEM project

Life cycle analysis - presentation 28/03/2017

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