Agenda 2018

Presentation of the Valdem project at Pollutec 2018, 27- 30 November in Lyon (France)

Technical day : "Nouvelles clés de l’innovation pour valoriser les ressources minérales primaires ou secondaires : rechercher, analyser, préparer et séparer", Tournai (Belgium), 8 November 2018

3rd edition of the French international conference NoMaD (Nouveaux Matériaux et Durabilité), Liège (Belgium), 8 & 9th November 2018

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8th  edition of the international [avniR] Conference, Lille (France), 7 & 8th November 2018

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Neo-Eco participated to the RDV Days in the city at the "Cité des Congrès de Valenciennes", on 27 and 28 June 2018

Presentation of the innovative deconstruction and materials recovery approach during a conference.

Participation of ULiège (GeMMe) in the symposium organized by IRMA in Ljubljana (Slovenski Kolokvij o Betonih Ljubljana), on 4 June 2018           

L. Courard gave a presentation on the recycling of concrete elements, based on the work carried out within the framework of VALDEM (Increasing properties of concrete with recycled construction and demolition wastes).

23/05/2018 - Colloquium: The use of reusable materials in a creative process

Within the framework of the interreg RE C² project, a symposium on the use of reusable materials in architecture is organized on 23 May 2018.

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Participation of ULiège-PEPs (S. Groslambert) at the SAM12 conference, Metz (France),  22 and 23 May 2018

Oral presentation of the Valdem project during Session 4 (Circular economy, beyond the hype), as well as the first life cycle analysis results obtained on the recycling of concrete blocks and the integration of recycled aggregates into their manufacture (collaboration with ULiege - GeMME).

Participation at the First IMT Civil Engineering Institute Conference, Paris (France), 15 March 2018

During this conference, the results of the VALDEM project were presented.
S. Remond presented results on the characterization and recovery of recycled sands.                            D. Bulteel presented results on the valorization of ground bricks as mixed binders.

Presentation of results of the VALDEM project on March 13, 2018 at Cd2e, Rue de Bourgogne - Base du 11/19, 62750 Loos-en-Gohelle - FRANCE

As part of the Interreg FWVL VALDEM project dedicated to the valorization of material flows resulting from demolition / deconstruction, partners presented the progress of the project as well as the results obtained to the industrialists concerned (demolition companies, approved sorting center, construction and public works, manufacturers of ready-mixed concrete and pre-manufactured concrete).

Mrs L. Van Cauwenberghe (Tracimat) presented the traceability system established in Flanders for identification and tracing of construction and demolition wastes.

Another French example of demolition waste audit for valorization in new products was described by Neo-eco.

Satisfied ?

A satisfaction survey was conducted. There was 46% response and the average score is 8/10. The industrialists were able to express their interest for a particular point of the project. This has led to 5 requests for privileged contact as well French as Walloon side.

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