The interest of selective deconstruction compared to demolition is already well established and initiatives have been launched and are carried on in Europe. However, this approach is not enough put into practice, especially due to a lack of information from stakeholders (industrial players, authorities and municipalities, etc.) on existing techniques and legislation, with disparities depending on the countries or regions.

VALDEM takes over these initiatives to apply the concept of on-site treatment to a cross-border territory, in support of companies in well-identified sectors (C&D companies, Waste sorting plant, manufacturers of ready-to-use concrete. or prefabricated concrete, and public an road works companies)

VALDEM project will make it possible to valorise several mineral streams resulting from C&DW Management activities, which are valued at best as mixed aggregates presenting sometimes problems of quality.

Valdem's project in 180s


CYCLE-UP : first professional platform for the reuse of building materials in France

AFOCO technical day, 26th september 2019, IMT Lille Douai (Villeneuve-d'Ascq)

This day will bring together actors from the private sector, administration and research on the theme:


The event will take place from 8:30 am at IMT Lille Douai (Villeneuve-d'Asqc).

Download the registration form:


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